Frequently asked questions

Do you ship globally?

Yes we do ! The workshop is in Canada and we use Canada Post as a standard shipping supplier.

Do you offer other lenghts of cables ?

Yes! Talk to us, info@spinalcordz.com and we can help you with specific lenght you might need and price it accordingly.

Do you build other types of cables ?

It depens, we have built microphone cables with XLR plugs for instance. If you have a special project, please reach out, info@spinalcordz.com , and we will get talking!

Delivery, returns and guarantees ?

We stand behind our craftmanship. Should a cable gets faulty for no other reasons than fabrication defect or shipping damage, we will replace with another one with same specs. We cannot however, exchange a non-faulty product as everything we build is to order. However, if you have any types of problems or questions, please reach out info@spinalcordz.com and we will find a solution togheter.

Can I use these cables for any instruments ?

Yes ! These use Mono phone plugs of 1/4 inche diameter, any instrument using these will do perfectly including Guitar/Bass or Keyboards to amps, mixers, effects pedals, and all outboard signal processing gear. If you are not sure, please reach out info@spinalcordz.com.